Department of World History and Archeology

Department of World History and Archeology

The Department of World History and Archeology dates to the of Stalin / Donetsk Pedagogical Institute. Formed at its base in 1965, Donetsk State University, the forerunner of our department was the Department of General History, from which in 1974 two new departments emerged: 1) Department of Archeology, Ancient and the Medieval History, headed over the years by associate professors A. Moruzhenko, V. Posrednikov, V. Andriienko, V. Kosikov; 2) Department of New and Modern History, which was consistently headed by two Vice-Rectors – Professors M. Turyvnenko. and H. Yerkhov. In 1999, on the basis of these two divisions, the Department of World History, consistently headed by Professors H. Yerkhov, A. Bredikhyn, and R. Lytvynenko was established. Due to structural changes in the faculty, since September 1, 2019, the department was renamed the Department of World History and Archeology.

The department’s staff consists of 2 Doctors of Science and 3 Candidates of Science: Head of the department – Ph.D in History, Professor Roman Lytvynenko; Ph.D in History, Professor Vasyl Morhun; , Ph.D in History, Associate Professor Inna Petrova; Senior Lecturer Olha Marmilova, Ph.D. in History, Senior Teacher Yevheniia Protsenko.

The Department of World History and Archeology provides following courses: History of the Ancient World, Prehistory, Archeology, History of Europe and America, History of Asia and Africa, History of the Foreign Slavs, History of the USSR, Mathematical Methods in Historical Studies, History of the Modern World. In addition, the department provides archeological practice for the first year students.

The department provides training in such academic levels as Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees on specialty 032 – history and archeology, as well as Bachelor’s Degree on specialties -035 – Philology and 061 – Journalism.

Head of the department

Lytvynenko Roman

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor



Educational programs

Specialty 032 “History and Archeology”

Educational Program «History and Archeology» («Bachelor»)

The purpose of the educational program is to train high-level specialists who have basic knowledge and practical skills and are able to apply them in professional activity – scientific, educational, cultural and administrative. The objects of study are the past of Ukraine and humanity in all its manifestations; development of individual peoples and states; study of political, socio-economic, historical and cultural processes and phenomena from ancient times to the present.

Specialty 032 “History and Archeology”

Educational Program «History and Archeology»(«Master»)

The purpose of the educational program is to prepare highly qualified, competitive with fundamental vocational training in history and archeology, in-depth knowledge of one of the sections of historical science, high thinking culture, analytical skills; oriented in the main tendencies of socio-economic, socio-political, cultural progress of mankind; able to use the acquired skills in professional activity; ready to adapt to the new challenges in a rapidly developing world community and global intellectual space.

Specialty 032 “History and Archeology”

Educational Program «History and Archeology» («Master»)

The aim of the program is to train highly qualified professionals who integrate the qualities of a historian with a deep knowledge of the contemporary achievements of historical science, and the ability to broadcast academic knowledge of the past in the public sphere, able to respond to public inquiries.