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Department of History of Ukraine was founded in 1966. The main discipline taught to students is the History of Ukraine from ancient times to the present. The department also provides study of the history of Ukraine at the faculty of philology, the faculty of biology and the faculty of foreign languages. The faculty provides teaching of special courses which complement and deepen the major one.

Department of World History focuses on exploration of topical problems of the world history from ancient times to the present. The faculty teaches the following major courses: “History of Primitive Society”, “History of the Ancient East”, “History of Greece and Rome,” “History of the Middle Ages”, “History of Western Europe and North America in Modern Period”, “Modern History ”," History of Asia and Africa in the Middle Ages“, “Modern History of Asia, Africa and Latin America. ”

​Department of Slavic History was created in 1999 as a result of a merger between the Department of Ukrainian History and Ethnopolitics and the Department of the peoples of USSR. The Department provides teaching such disciplines as “History of Russia”, “History of the USSR”, “History of Western and Southern Slavs”, “History of Ukraine”, “Sociology”, as well as a variety of courses devoted to interesting and topical problems of the history of Slavs.

Department of Special Branches of History was founded at the faculty of history of Donetsk National University in 1969. The department maintains close scientific relationship with the Institute of History and Ukrainian Institute of Archeology and Source Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and national universities of Ukraine. Since 1998 the department provides postgraduate studies in Historiography, Source Studies and Special Historical Disciplines specialty with a postgraduate degree of Candidate of Science awarded since 1998, Doctor of Science — since 2009.

Department of Political Science provides training of specialists in the field of politics able to influence political process ensuring the progress of society. It trains students majoring in “Political institutions and processes” specialty. Also the department offers postgraduate programme in “Political Institutions and Processes”. After the defense of the dissertation some graduates stay to work at the department.

Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy was founded in June 1999. Its foundation was related to the creation of “International Relations” specialty. Graduates get the master’s or specialist’s degree in International Relations with the knowledge of foreign languages.