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Faculty of History

History is indeed the witness to times past, the light of the truth, the life of memory, the guide to life, the messenger of antiquity.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

At all times, since the most ancient periods of human history, man has sought to fix in memory the major events of his life and life around him. Before the writing was invented the history of human life had been transmitted from one generation to another in the form of oral legends. Nowadays science of history is the precious heritage of society, the biggest and unexchangeable laboratory of social development knowledge. To lead the way in the future with confidence it is necessary to know the major stages and laws of human society development.

The Faculty of History of Donetsk National University is one of the centres of humanitarian education in the region since 1937. For almost 80 years its teachers have trained thousands of high qualified historians, political scientists and international relations specialists. Today the faculty of history is not only widely recognized educational centre, but also can be proud of its scientific potential which has a projection in its educational process.

The faculty consists of 6 departments: Department of Slavic History, Department of History of Ukraine, Department of Special Branches of History, Department of Political Science, Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy and Department of World History, whose activities are coordinated by the Academic Council of the faculty.

Training is provided in three specialties:
  • “History”
  • “Political Science”
  • “International Relations”

Both full-time and extramural forms of studies are available. Extramural form in “History” and “Political Science” specialties is available also at Kostyantynivka training and consulting centre of DonNU (Donetsk oblast).

The faculty is proud by its alumni who represent a big family of graduates of different years. Among them there are famous scientists, deputies of Verhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, state officials and diplomats, heads of departments in State Security bodies, well-known journalists.

Our graduates can work at:

  • educational and research institutions;
  • government agencies;
  • media;
  • political parties and NGOs;
  • diplomatic missions;
  • law enforcement agencies;
  • business structures;
  • travel agencies.

The establishment of the specialized academic council for dissertation defence in May, 1994, confirmed high scientific potential of the faculty. In 2001, for the first time in the history of the university the specialized academic council with the right to provide defence of the dissertation for the degree of Doctor (Candidate) of History in “History of Ukraine” and “World History” was created. In 2008 “Historiography, source study and special historical disciplines” broadened the list of specialties.

In 2001 Institute of Donbas History was created at the faculty. Besides that Information and Research Centre of International Security and Euro-Atlantic Cooperation was opened. Archaeological research group has been active at the History of Ukraine Department. Four scientific collections and one scientific journal recognized by Higher Attestation Commission as specialized in “History of Ukraine” and “Archaeology” specialties are issued at the faculty. The faculty teachers are the members of the editorial boards of the collection “Visnyk Donetskogo Universytetu” (Herald of Donetsk University) and journal “Skhid” (East).

Students of the faculty as well as their teachers take an active part in scientific life through olympiads, contests, workshops, conferences, scholarship programmes at university, regional, inter-regional, all-Ukrainian and international levels that allows them to realize their scientific potential.